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Tou know it, Blackfeet!'

'Agh—Qkee-ow!    (Yes—Bravo !)5

'When I looked over at them the last time I
came up close so that I could see them well
They were all big, tall fellows, all wearing buffalo
jackets—-and I knew they were Blood-Blackfeet.
They were beginning to be alarmed now—they
thought they were all surrounded by the Assini-
boines. But they were brave, and they were not
daunted. They started a war-dance.

'The sun would soon be setting; so I ran
speedily back to my warriors, and I told them that
we would have to fight now; for the Bloods had
already started their war-dance. I told them to
throw off their blankets and lie there on the side
of the coulee, still, and not to move until they saw
me fire.

cPretty soon we heard the Bloods moving into
action. They were going where I wanted them
to: against a false front where I had led them to
believe that most of us were. As they came over
the knoll and the mouth of another couMe, as I
had planned for them to, I picked out their leading
chief and fired at him.

'But just as I had fooled the Bloods, they had
fooled us, too. Instead of having ten guns, as I
had counted, every one of them had a weapon;
and they had been wise enough to conceal them
between their bodies and their blankets. They